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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an HOA?

  • A HOA, or Homeowners’ Association, is a non-profit group that enforces standards and guidelines for the community, and who makes financial decisions related to the upkeep and maintenance of the neighbourhood.
  • A HOA may appeal to a home buyer who appreciates enhanced maintenance and preservation of their neighbourhood and who values resident involvement and decision-making.

What are the HOA fees used for?

HOA fees are used towards the maintenance of community amenities. This could include:

  • Constructed wetlands and stormwater management facilities
  • Wood screen fencing on major roadways and walkways
  • Entry treatments, landscape features, fountains, and boulevards, and
  • Additional items at the discretion of the Homeowner’s Association.

How often do I pay HOA fees?

  • HOA fees will initially be collected once at the time of lot purchase and are held in trust by MLC Group.
  • When MLC Group transitions the community to the DHOA’s Board of Directors, the DHOA will begin to collect fees on an annual basis.
  • An encumbrance is registered on the title of every lot ensuring that all property owners are obligated to the HOA to sustain the long term maintenance of the community.

How much do HOA fees cost?

The initial payment into the HOA is typically $250 per household.

Once the HOA becomes active, then:

  • Fees will be charged annually
  • The annual amount will be determined by the community’s Board of Directors, and
  • Annual fee amounts may be determined by the extent of maintenance and service provider consultations and contracts, as directed by the DHOA.

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